An unique know-how

Our production process, between industry and craft enables us to manufacture cutlery of exception in small and medium series.

savoir faire orfèvre

Professionals of the silversmith's trade, you are looking for

Cutlery before silverplating

Finished silverplated cutlery

Producing a specific model

Customizing an existing model

savoir faire orfèvre


Since 1895

Couverts de Mouroux has been producing, cutlery before silverplating or silverplated for many silversmith's and luxury brands.

Today still, hundred professionals of the luxury and silversmith trade in France but also in other countries entrust us with the development and production of their cutlery

Every years, in our plants, we process several tons :

• of nickel silver,
• Sterling Silver,
• 18-10 stainless steel.

To make the elegant flatware which will adorn the most prestigious tables in the world.


Contemporary, or traditional, plain or decorated, a piece of cutlery has always to be a beautiful thing, that you have pleasure to look at and to take in your hand.

For this, three essential principles :
1. An authentic line which respects the original drawing.
2. A semi-craft production which only allows balance and elegance of a design.
3. A real know-how to control the precision of the lines and the fineness of a decor.

And two major conditions:
1. Work of very skylled craftmen
2. Using a park of very specific machines

The production of a piece of cutlery is complex, it requires a real know-how and includes 30 differents operations on average.


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